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fashion-vibes-familyFASHION VIBES AZ came about after a long journey of transitions, passions and dreams!  Growing up in the Midwest and working as a physician in the heart of Chicago, I had little free time.  In the free time I did have, I spent indulging in my passions, which included fashion.  I would stay up late reading fashion forums, and on the weekends, I would study women and their style, while walking along the Magnificent Mile and window shopping. It was there in Chicago where I met my fantastic husband and then settled down with 2 children. 

We were living the dream, or so we thought, in a high rise in Downtown Chicago. This dream included working long hours, commuting long distances, waiting in traffic and sending our children to daycare.  Not to mention, the winters in Chicago were long. When my children became school age, it was time to make another transition. They were are priority and we thought perhaps we should be living in a more stable family-oriented lifestyle. As we looked into the suburbs, the thought of even longer commutes and perhaps missing out on participating in our children’s activities, did not appeal to us. It was time for a change! Little did I think that this change would far exceed my expectations.

My husband had been doing some work in Arizona on the side, and he thought, “let’s give it a test year, let’s move to the desert”. After several “No’s,” (I mean, ” I’m a Big City Girl”), I finally gave in and said yes, I was willing to try it out. Well, that must have been one incredible year because I never looked back. We found a fantastic school for our children and a beautiful home to grow in. I became the soccer mom to my girl Katie and the baseball mom to my son Collin. My husband was able to enjoy his passion of golf, coach our son’s bb team, all while being able to work from home. 

I continued looking to fulfill my passion for fashion and ended up meeting a wonderful local fashion designer. I worked as a personal stylist for her company for several years. I was continuously learning about the forever changing fashion trends, the growing pains of building a company and the rewards of accomplishing a dream. Her company changed business plans, but I wasn’t ready to stop. I enjoyed the work so much, I decided I would start my own fashion business! 

I was ready to go for my dream of showcasing my personality and style. My Katie (or KG as we often call her) encouraged me. She had this constant vibe around her, one of good times, family, love, sunshine and rainbows. She was the inspiration for our name and thus Fashion Vibes AZ came about.  

We still miss Chicago, their summer street fests, the fabulous restaurants, and our favorite team, the Cubs. However, now it is here in Arizona, we call home. I am thrilled to begin this new adventure and journey with Fashion Vibes AZ. I look forward to helping more women explore brand new styles in fun, trendy and comfortable clothes. I am always happy to schedule a personal styling visit or help you shop online.

Thank you for your support and feel free to contact me personally through text anytime at (312.209.4144)

God Bless!

Angela Pezzuto

Founder - CEO

Joey Berrios

Designer + Developer

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